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     Driving from Szklarska Poręba, at Trzy Jawory, I leave the path under Regle on my right and go straight towards Michałowice. A boggy meadow with the Rudnik stream signifies the end of my journey. When I reach the bus stop, I admire the charming view onto the Karkonosze. Piechowice, one of whose country house estates, in addition to Górzyniec, Piastów, and Pakoszów, is Michałowice, a very beautiful estate that contributes to its value not just by its beauty.
     The picturesque Michałowice, with its attractive villa and pension housing, has two theatres: "Teatr Nasz" and "Teatr Cinema".The village also became a haven for the painter Paweł Trybalski. It might be then considered that Michałowice, founded in the 18th century, according to legend, by three Michałs, religious refugees from Czech, was created as if from scratch by artists and art lovers.
     When I am going down the tarmac road to Piechowice, I pass a pre-war tunnel, hewed from rock. I think about drifts in Cicha Dolina, near the road from Piechowice to Sobieszów. Reportedly, bank deposits of the Third Reich were hidden there before the war. The Cichy Potok Valley also holds traces of glassworks established at the end of the 18th century. It may be suspected that people who worked there lived in the settlement that gave origin to presentday Piechowice. The first mention of it dates back to 1305.
     Piechowice, though neat and with some lovely dwelling houses here and there, covered with the patina of time, is more of industrial than of tourist character. So I leave it and move towards the west, to Górzyniec, established in 1705 as a colony of Piechowice. The settlement is situated on the slopes of Kamienicki ridge, in the Mała Kamienna Valley. It is a quiet and nice area, near Bobrowe Skały, from which there is a wonderful view on the Karkonosze and the Jeleniogórska Basin. Maybe I will visit the "Crocuses in Górzyniec" reserve or I might just turn back and move towards the Szklarka Waterfall, within the borders of Piechowice, speeding through the Kamienna Valley.
Sandra Nejranowska
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